DELL Precision 3571 行動工作站詢價單 (Workstation Inquiry form)

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DELL Precision 3571 行動工作站
DELL Precision 3571 行動工作站


(The customized quotation is used when the customer wants to re-inquire when the system specifications sold in the LinuxYes store increase, decrease or change. The company's sales staff will re-e-mail or fax a quotation for you after receiving this inquiry)


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DELL Precision 3571 工作站 (Workstation)


自選配備 (optional equipment)

記憶體 (memory)
硬碟 Hard Drive
第二硬碟 2nd Hard Drive
顯卡 GPU
作業系統 (OS)
無線模組 (wireless module)
電池 (battery)
螢幕 Screen
Dell 服務:硬體維修 (Dell Service: Hardware Maintenance)

聯絡資訊 (Contact Information)

性別 (gender)